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Hard money loans, are short term loans designed to assist real estate developers and house flippers. These loans are not generally available from traditional lending institutions, such as banks, but are offered instead by private lenders.


“Dealing With Contractors” may be one of your hardests challenges for investors. That is why we did all the screening for you. We can provide you with multiple bids so you can choose which contractor is right for you.


You need an agent who knows the area, holds local connections, and negotiates like a pro. Now, they are easy to find. We analyze real estate agents on the metrics that matter and save you time and money when buying a home.

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Design/Build arrangements improve communication between teams, increase  transparency, and offer significantly better budget control. With a single source of responsibility for both design and construction, an owner can mitigate the risk of budget creep and delays that impact the cost and delivery of a project.  Westbuilt Propeties has the means to foster a productive dialogue their designated Project Manager.

Real Estate Agents

We analyze thousands of reviews and interview agents to determine which agent is best for you based on your needs.  It takes just a few minuted to get connected with a qualified local Real Estate Agent that knows the market in your area.  Our agents belong to a newtork of agents to allow for maximum exposure for your listing and limitless inventory if you are looking to buy a home.  

Preliminary Land

Westbuilt Properties has focused significant resources on developing a strong Pre-Construction Service providing a customized approach to asure budget accuracy, realistic scheduling, and sound planning. Westbuilt Properties pro-active approach provides our clients with an early analysis of the integration of materials, equipment, systems, methods, techniques, and schedules.


Westbuilt Properties Assessment & Consulting Services (ACS) provides a full suite of real estate consulting services, including Property Analysis, Financing, Seismic Risk Assesments, and  Construction Management.    Services are tailored to a client’s risk position and address key concerns.  We basicly walk you from start to finish on your project and maximise your success.  


Our goal is to help small business owners, real estate investors, and commercial contractors quickly and efficiently finance their business activities. Our hard money loan programs are tailored to your unique project needs. We fund fix and flip, new construction, and cash out refinance projects for non-owner occupied properties. We look forward to becoming your lending partner for your next investment.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Westbuilt Construction becomes part of your organization.  We work closely with the Owner and Owners Representatives to gain a detailed understanding of your company’s vision, short and long term goals.  Once the goals have been establisher, we implement a realistic management and execution plan for achieving these goals in an efficient and high-quality fashion.  

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