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Why spend all your time looking for real estate investment deals when you can have our licensed real estate agents find the best property matches for your investment portfolio.

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Using our proprietary technology, our agents have mastered the art of the real estate investment property deal, connecting you with better opportunities, faster.

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Our agents will deliver properties both on and off MLS. This gives you a 360 degree approach to finding the perfect investment property. Our properties are below market value and delivered straight to your inbox.

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We provide investors with both motivated seller leads as well as cash buyer leads throughout the country.

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We can provide you with anything and everything you need to be profitable. If you are in need of a lender, title company or attorney we have you covered.

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We cater to our investors. Our 10 minute consultation helps us customize your profile and send you only the properties you want right into your inbox.

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We work in volume. This means less money out of your pocket on assignment fees. Our goal is to maintain relationships with our customers and not to get rich off of one deal.

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Most of our listings come with area comps as well as ARV's and rehab cost. You just sit back and pick your property.

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How valuable is your time? What is your hourly rate as an investor? Dont use all your time and resources finding properties. Thats what we do best!

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